Our company has been stocking grass seed for more than 50 years we can supply any bespoke mix you require.

New crossland mix

We sell our very own silage/grazing mixture which gives ex productiveity and palatablity designed for the pennine area. Available with clover.

Long term pasture

  • This is a long term, dual purpose mixture that delivers outstanding
    performance over many years.
  • Ryegrass for earlier spring growth, improved sward density and
    faster regrowth
  • Highly productive in varied growing conditions from fertile lowlands
    to cooler, more severe uplands
  • Suitable for extensive or intensive management systems
    across all livestock types
  • White clover is included to fix nitrogen and improve forage quality


  • Equipaddock is a flexible grazing or cutting ley designed specifically
    for use by horses and ponies
  • Forms a very dense rhizomatous sward which is suited to hard grazing
    and has the ability to repair itself
  • Suitable for gallops where good ground cover is beneficial
  • Capable of producing good yields of high quality horse ley
  • Responds well to moderate use of nitrogen fertiliser to bulk up
    yields and aid with recovery after cutting


  • Rejuvenator is an economic, medium term solution for repairing
    damaged pasture or boosting yields
  • Vigourous tetraploid grasses establlish quickly and compete well
    with the existing sward
  • Short term grasses give good early spring growth
  • Longer term grasses offer good ground cover and persistency
  • Sow at 10kg per acre for overseeding into existing pasture


  • Estate is an economical landscape ryegrass mixture that establishes quickly giving rapid cover and good wear tolerance
  • High wear areas
  • General landscaping
  • Quick establishment


  • Suburban is an excellent multipurpose lawn & landscape mixture that establishes quickly with high wear tolerance and good appearance
  • Multipurpose use
  • Back lawns
  • General lanscaping
  • Housing estates


  • Formal produces an attractive, fine, dense quality sward for use on non ryegrass ornamental lawns and landscape areas
  • Quality lawns and landscape areas
  • Fine appearance
  • Reduced mowing